1. Isolated

    The realization that I still don’t know what I’m doing here,
    Put in perspective I am nothing, we are nothing.


  2. I got my puppy today! It has been a seriously difficult few months, and getting him is seriously lifting everything away from my conscience. So happy. Everyone meet Butters!!


  3. OHAYO!

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  4. Still one of my favorite albums to chill out to.

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  5. Tendy Life.

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  6. Where do I go from here?

    Here I am, four hours from my 24th birthday. Some would be celebrating but for some reason I can’t help but to sulk. Whenever times should be good and my chin should be high, there you are to rip everything down and send me back to square one. You’re in my thoughts, you’re in my dreams. You’ve taken a grown man who is well off in his life and made him feel completely useless.
    I sit here and wonder how I am supposed to muster up the ability to trust someone ever again. It goes so far beyond misogyny. I am not a misogynistic person, I am a guy who appreciates women. But for some reason always end up with the wrong ones and this time, I can’t seem to get you off of my back.

    Here is to another year. Hopefully better than the last.


  7. If you ever wondered what it looks like when I vacuum my place.. Look no further.



  9. No doubt.

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  10. The most difficult four months of my life.

    Everything reminds me of you and I hate every waking second of it. In the depressing and reclusive process of stomaching what has happened my life has become idle. I feel like I’m just spinning my tires and my mind is running out of gas. At this point the grieving process has become a fight to even stomach. As soon as it feels like I’m making progress and finally getting better, I take two steps back.
    Just waiting for my break here. But if life has taught me anything, it’s not to count of things to ever happen how I want them to.